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Current status of Pet development
Apr 14, 2017

Pet (poly terephthalate) since 1953 by DuPont Industrialization, due to its good physical processing performance and the cost of the production of large industrialization to reduce the performance of the cost-effective advantages of the rapid replacement of many other varieties of chemical fibers, has become the largest in synthetic fibers. 1, Global Pet development Since 2003, global pet production capacity at an annual rate of about 9% percent expansion, 2005 capacity has reached about 54.7 million tons, 2005 production of 41 million tons, according to PCI forecasts, to 2008, global pet capacity will reach 67 million tons, production of 50 million tons. The current pet product varieties are also extended from the initial polyester staple fibers to the present polyester staple fibers, polyester filament, polyester bottle, polyester film, non-woven fabrics, engineering plastics and multi-functional products and other series of hundreds of thousands of kinds of product specifications, in which the series of products are also from the initial 100% short fiber development to a number of varieties balanced development. Pet in China's large-scale industrialization started in the last century 80 the early 1990s, the development and growth in the mid-90, the current capacity has exceeded 20 million tons, pet world production, consumption of the first big country, pet in the global proportion of China's current situation and forecast as follows: 2, global non-fiber use pet development status and trends Pet for non-fiber uses the first Kodak company introduced as a photographic film substrate, since the mid-80, by the Coca-Cola Company to introduce this variety of beverage packaging field, since then, non-fiber pet development quickly, at present, the development of bottles, membrane, sheet, engineering Plastics, packaging Belt (PVC belt) and other fields, only food-grade bottles with pet slices with mineral water, carbonated beverages, hot canned beverages, liquor bottles and beer bottles and other categories.

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