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Product information to be familiar with the courage to practice
Apr 14, 2017

Automatic plastic blowing machine troubleshooting also need to know more, more practice Any mechanical equipment will malfunction, automatic plastic blowing machine is also the same, only when we really know a product, when the equipment encountered in the failure to cope with ease, Hebei Bai Tong Plastics Machinery Professionals advised to learn a few times before the automatic plastic blow bottle machine failure. First, to dare to do, good at hand For the equipment maintenance personnel, the product information to be familiar, to dare to practice, will only speak, do not hand, repair is not good mechanical equipment, but to mature situation, do not blindly, otherwise will expand the failure, causing accidents, the consequences of unimaginable. At the same time we must be good at hand, first, to be familiar with the operation of the equipment panel and the contents of the menu, the operation freely, but also to make full use of the bottle blowing machine self-diagnosis technology to quickly deal with the problem. Now the more development of bottle blowing machine, the ability of self-diagnosis is getting stronger. Second, hands-on ability and mastery of experimental skills Sometimes some large equipment faults look very vague, can not find the reason, unclear is electrical fault or mechanical failure, we use the separate method, the electrical part of the control and the original circuit completely separate other methods, such as isolation, replacement, contrast, percussion and other methods, can be used as an effective means to help us find, troubleshoot. III. Learn to use Large equipment is generally composed of a variety of devices, such as oscilloscope, multimeter, on-line circuit detector, short-circuit checker, computer, programmer and so on can help our specific circuit judgment, inspection, especially PLC programmer, computer, to skilled use, can freely input, output blowing machine parameters, on-line test related state, system initialization and so on. This is a great help to analyze faults, especially complex faults, and solve problems. Bai Tong Plastics machinery experts through the years of automatic plastic blowing machine equipment maintenance and practice, we also feel that the equipment will have some problems, especially large blowing machine is not perfect, there are many problems and defects. Through our study, deepen, find out the problem where, boldly to some problems to improve, and achieved good results.

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