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Replaced with renewable capabilities
Apr 14, 2017

The desiccant-type compressed air dryer is dehydrated and dried by the moisture characteristics of certain chemical substances. The dryer is a single-pot structure, a special desiccant can be filled in. When compressed air through the desiccant, water vapor will be absorbed by the desiccant, and slowly downward precipitation formation of liquid droplets into the lower storage tanks, and then discharged by the automatic drainage. The compressed air dryer can be used for 21MPa high-pressure occasions, but it is not suitable for high temperature occasions above 38 ℃. Its exhaust air dew point is-40 ℃. But the absorbent material of compressed air dryer is not regenerated, adding and replacing hygroscopic agent to stop the operation of the equipment, and the labor is strong, so this method does not apply to the continuity process. At present, the type of compressed air dryer has been basically eliminated, replaced by renewable adsorption of the function of compressed air dryer. Adsorption type compressed air dryer adopts advanced molecular sieve as adsorbent, good adsorption effect, strong regeneration ability, can make compressed air dew point reach-20 ℃ to-70 ℃.

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