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The core structure is simple in molding bottle
Apr 14, 2017

Because the shape of the core structure of the molding bottle is simple, it is the main use of the whole type of core, such as FIG. 2 through the process of esterification water outlet valve control kettle Pressure at the mercy of 250kpa, kettle temperature requirements as high as possible, the top cooling water to the largest process, maintain 30-40 minutes. A set of pet cavity mold prices even across the host price. 2 injection a stretch of a blow molding characteristics note Shan A stretch of a chisel molding craft is used to produce the earliest packaged carbonated beverage polyethylene terephthalate (P e t) transparent bottle threat J. Until one day, Li Jing found that he has been unable to walk the pain, this only medical treatment. However, the impact strength and PE contrast is still insufficient, as engineering plastics in some quarters of the use of the need to interfere with the inevitable amount of other auxiliary additives to modify. Acid screw components for CA, CP, such as acidic plastic erosion of strong characteristics, in the screw components of the profiles made extraordinary processing, good wear resistance. Polyethylene terephthalate is the most important variety of thermoplastic polyester, the English name is polythylene terephthalate abbreviation pet or PETP (hereinafter referred to as PET), commonly known as polyester resin. Plastic bottles change body garment fabrics discarded plastic bottles can take over the operation, this we all know, but specifically in which aspect? This we are not very clear, plastic bottles are received over the operation of a lot of value, in which, plastic bottles can also be spun into yarn, become garment fabrics, is not feeling very magical? Plastics is one of the great discoveries of mankind, but also because it is difficult to degrade and become a headache of garbage origin, and the situation poses a risk. The checking determines the mould nozzle heating silk without contacting the gate pad. Check whether the size of the raw material granular uniform injection insufficient (blank openings) a complete injection cycle preform not fully filled, usually implied as the bottle is not plump, not fully populated; The family-owned enterprise, founded in 1942, was acquired by Cadbury in 1992. Not sufficient pressure or excessive decompression. Foot pool: Clean, clean up on time change disinfectant, have real garbage should be real-time clean, the root of the mouth discarded, garbage cans should cover, the link clean, rubbish area stacking neat, no overflow, no smell, trash can not use the customer product raw material packaging containers for cleaning equipment in violation of the color logo or labeling system. It is learnt that the machine adopts a new craft, not only to ensure that the billet wall thickness 100% control point, so that the thick-walled container, and electrical, hydraulic and pressure unchanged, non-infiltration oil leakage phenomenon, feeding system can ensure that six extruder continuous material.

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