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The importance of safe operation of injection molding machine
Apr 14, 2017

Ordinary injection molding machine is a 3-board structure, and two-plate injection molding machine has its function and characteristics. But when the staff do the operation, must understand the safe operation line. So what kind of operation can be a safe operation? First of all, our staff to inspect their switches, and should also look at the equipment safety door is not normal state, if the pump and motor rotation between the direction of the two is not more consistent, then this is our staff need to arouse attention and attention. At the same time for each cooling pipe should be put into check, see its internal is not unimpeded state, for the oil cooler, can access the appropriate cooling water. Second, before the staff of two-plate injection molding machine operation, to see the active parts and components have adequate lubricants, and should also be supplemented by the more adequate lubricants. The staff need to be electrically heated to open the line, for each part of the barrel of appropriate heating. If the temperature of each stage has reached the requirements of our work, then we can carry on the insulation link, this is to enable the equipment temperature to become more stable. Insulation time can be based on the raw materials and equipment in different circumstances to set up, so time adjustments are more flexible. To note that within the two-plate injection molding machine, should maintain a more adequate plastic raw materials. and different raw materials, should be based on demand to do a different degree of drying, so that we can be satisfied with the processing requirements. Generally speaking, the personnel operating equipment need to undergo training, if it is a novice, as far as possible, staff to guide the next.

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