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The timeliness of temperature control is stronger
Apr 14, 2017

For the production of the bottle embryo, whether from heating to make it or melting, cooling time temperature is a manufacturer of a difficult problem. And so high temperature is not the normal adjustment method can be adjusted, below may be engaged in the production of bottles of embryos for many years can be controlled by the temperature of the induction cooker like control, how exactly did it? 1, automatic program interpolation The temperature control of the bottle embryo is controlled by the software interpolation to achieve the temperature fluctuation. Because of the timeliness of temperature control, the calculation speed of coarse interpolation can not satisfy the control requirements of the temperature of the bottle embryo in the production equipment, meanwhile, because the control system expands unceasingly, the other functions also require that the program interpolation operation be reduced. 2, Rich analog instructions It possesses the switching capacity and simulates the control function, and has the function of referring to computation. And the control temperature is not directly operational, so in the production equipment to increase the temperature sensor, can be the temperature of the billet of this analog digital programming volume, calculate easy to quantify control. This controller's directive system is also relatively abundant, also has the proportional integral floating point operation and so on function can artificially use the personnel, to satisfy the pet bottle embryo production each time period equipment needs the temperature dissimilarity. In addition to the two systems of the bottle embryo production equipment at the temperature control is no longer completely relying on experience, can produce more high-quality bottle embryo.

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