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Absorbent Without On-site Filling, Easy Maintenance
Apr 14, 2017

Industrial commonly used adsorption dryer has twin towers adsorption dryer, modular adsorption dryer, mold-core adsorption dryer, according to the regeneration mode can be divided into non-thermal regeneration and micro-thermal regenerative adsorption dryer. Traditional twin-tower adsorption dryer due to structural and technical defects caused the pressure dew point instability of dryer (reason: uneven airflow distribution, existence of adsorption dead, adsorbent powder, tunnel effect, etc.) High energy consumption (reason: Low utilization of adsorbent, high-anger, pressure loss and so on), maintenance Trouble (reason: The absorbent powder after the dust easily blocked filter and muffler, the adsorption of secondary replacement difficult, filling not tightly caused by the performance of drying machine or failure, etc.). The Twin towers and modular adsorption dryer need on-site filler adsorbent, which is difficult to fill in the process of operation of adsorbent powder: 1 It is easy to plug in the rear filter which is mounted on the rear of the adsorption dryer. 2 After the filter usually requires precision can only be used 1um, to the rear end gas equipment has a great impact. 3 Recycled Exhaust gas carries a lot of dust into the muffler, if the muffler is blocked, the adsorption dryer will bring greater damage. The modular adsorption dryer has solved the problem of unstable adsorption performance and high energy consumption of twin-tower adsorption dryer, but the filling and replacing of adsorbent field is still a technical defect, which has been replaced by the most advanced mould core drying technology. Mould Core adsorption dryer adopts mould core adsorption drying technology, and its drying pressure dew point is stable, low energy consumption, the adsorbent filler reduced to the original twin adsorption dryer 30%, pressure drop loss of small, instantaneous desorption capacity, and then angry consumption of small, no heat loss of more than 5%, the micro-heat again consumed ≤ 2%, absorbent without on-site filling, maintenance convenience. The popularization and application of mould core dryer technology will make the manufacturing industry completely solve the problem of compressed air quality, and let freeze drying technology, twin towers adsorption drying technology and module drying technology become history.

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