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China's Mould Should Be Promoted By Product Technology
Apr 14, 2017

Mold industry after long-term development, is currently in the rising period. In such a stage, mold enterprises should adopt how the development of the way to become the major mold enterprises to think positively. At present, the domestic enterprises engaged in mold production more, but smaller scale, basically the small workshop model, there is no scientific and technological content. Small mold enterprise production of products are basically imitation, resulting in the low-end of the homogenization of more and more molds. Mould enterprises are facing the problem of overcapacity and inventory backlog. Mold Enterprises in order to continuously improve sales, will reduce the price of products. Several die enterprises have reduced prices, eventually leading to the entire industry into a dilemma, the company's profits are less and fewer. When profits continue to compress, companies have no excess funds for product development. This led to a vicious process, the emergence of such a situation with the entire industry and the low level of science and technology, price wars continue to make the domestic mold industry in the world of mold industry in the low-end position. Mold industry want to have a development, must continue to increase R & D funds, increase the scientific and technological content, production of core competitiveness of products. Increase the strength of product development, can really change the current competition mode. China's mould enterprise should carry on the product's scientific and technological content enhancement, from the current price war to the technology competition. From the current simple to seize market share is not profitable, and become a common share of the market profit. I believe that Chinese enterprises in the transformation of competitive mode, the production level of enterprises can be greatly enhanced, effectively free from vicious competition, so that the mold industry to a higher levels.

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