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Higher Requirements For Heat Resistance Of Cold
Apr 14, 2017

Heat and cold resistance Hot and cold boxes for heat resistance to the requirements of high temperature, in the high temperatures of water will not deform, even can be disinfected with boiling. Durable To have superior impact resistance, weight or impact when it is not easy to break, will not leave scratch, can be used for life. Seal This is the primary consideration for the choice of take-out boxes. Although different brands of product sealing methods are different, but the remarkable sealing is the necessary condition for the lasting preservation of memory food. Preservation The international standard of sealing measurement is assessed by the humidity test, high-quality fresh-keeping containers are 200 times lower than the humidity of similar products, and can keep things fresh for a longer time. Versatility and diversity For life needs to design different sizes, with repeated use of technology ice packs, ice packs can be cool to protect the heat (the lowest ice pack can be frozen to-190 ℃, the highest can be heated to 200 ℃, can arbitrarily cut size) Environmental protection Food grade environmental Protection LLDPE materials, non-toxic tasteless, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to discoloration

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