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Mold Design Process
Apr 14, 2017

I. Issues before the design review Work steps Work steps 1. Mould material 2. Molding Products 3. Molding Machine Selection 4. Modular Base Construction II. Important project of mould design 1. Multi-color injection combination mode 2. Runner System (1) Low ejection pressure (2) Rapid filling and completion, can improve production (3) can be evenly shot, the product quality is better (4) Reduce waste and shorten the shooting time 3. Molding Equipment: (1) The emission of each injection cylinder, decide that color with that one cylinder. (2) The position and stroke of the strike rod. (3). The question of the configuration of the water, oil circuit, and circuits on the rotary disc. (4). The carrying weight of the rotating disc. 4. Modular design: Modular design of kernel configuration First of all, consider the mold side of the necessary rotation of the 180 degree, mold kernel set must cross symmetrical arrangement, otherwise unable to die molding. (1). Guide pillar: Has the function of guiding Gong Mo and mother mould. The concentricity must be maintained in Multi-Color molds. (2). Back pin: Because the mould must rotate the action, so must be the top out plate fixed, in the back pin add a spring to keep the roof plate stable. (3). Positioning BLOCK: Ensure that the two die seats are fixed to the large plate without the clearance of the screws. (4). Adjusting block (wearable block): It is mainly used to adjust the accuracy of the z-coordinate value error of mould height. (5). Top-out mechanism: the design of the ejector mode is the same as the general mould. (6). Cooling Loop Design: Mould One and mould two cooling circuit design as much as possible.

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