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Taizhou Huangyan Zhengge Plastic Machine Factory
Jan 17, 2018

Taizhou Huangyan Zhengge Plastic Machine Factory Is a professional manufacturer of blow molding machines and die business, the company has strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment, advanced detection instruments, sound management system. ZG-blower is a simple operation of the company developed a high success rate wide applicability, reliable and stable blowing machine which uses Germany, Japan, Taiwan and other domestic and international famous product, an ordinary electrical control systems P II-based process control, design of high efficiency, high precision, easy maintenance safe and reliable, set of beautiful, durable one, this product will be able to ensure that your production development, business flourishing.

Our excellent quality, competitive price and good after-sales service to win the trust of new and old customers. First-class products, customer satisfaction is our biggest wish!

Zhengge blowing machine is not only good quality, but the price is not high. The company's production processes and advanced scientific management to improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity, energy conservation, thereby greatly reducing the cost of production, to provide customers with a variety of inexpensive production equipment. Procurement of equipment to the company's customers flocked to the workshop places and efficient operation to meet the needs of sales.

The company has a professional service team. Customer's machine problems occur, timely communication solutions for our customers' long-term development, sustained profitability escort.

Advanced management, scientific process, excellent service has been integrated into each machine Zhengge among the most DELHI customers are to purchase equipment through the introduction of old customers. In the era of the great advertising effect, can do "sell themselves" enterprise minimal. Now, multiply DELHI also express the information age, step up publicity efforts, with the advantage of the new and old media to forgive and forget customers build better communication platform to allow more customers to understand Zhengge consensus and achieve win-win situation.

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