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Working Principle Of Bottle Embryo
Apr 14, 2017

The bottle embryo microorganism exceeded or the bottle shortage material. There are two main types of kanban, namely production kanban and transfer kanban. Finally, the summary of the JIT optimization of West Germany plant, and the prospect of the future continuous optimization, proposed the persistence and persistence of lean optimization. shixi Frozen meat Packaging materials commonly used: PE,PP,PET,PA, and composite pet/pe/aluminum foil/pe,pa/pe. From mold processing to mechanical equipment has a strong sense of the tick, getting started easily, do it hard. The great cost of them is in debugging and maintenance, and the customer is not able to maintain their own roots. If the acceptance of the takeover is produced, the price will be reduced substantially (about 30), for the strength near the lower limit, the outside of the poor acceptance of the use of a lot of the number of old glass beer bottles to provide a safe exit, using the hot shortening of the sleeve (from the bottom of the bottle bag to the end) will be useful to reduce the beer bottle burst the probability of occurrence. shixi B, product line is rich: The company's products cover pet beverage bottles, pet sauce and condiment packaging bottles, pet food shixi oil bottles, bottle embryo, pet liquor bottle, pet beer fresh packaging bottles, hot filling bottles, plastic sheets, film/Beauty icon shixi signed, PE/PP sealed anti-theft cap and carton products. The use of mechanical packaging products shixi can be mentioned across the yield, reduce labor intensity, conform to the needs of large-scale production, and satisfy the requirements of clean hygiene. Group revenue: The heating time of the bottle embryo cutting is controlled at the mercy of a fire knife to ensure the higher temperature gradient and the stress in the cutting area; The removal Department of the bottle embryo mouth cutting and the fixed water-cooled iron film with thickness less than 1mm (the bottom of the bottle contact with the grinding wheel rod), to remove the part of the need to be cut in a cold burst, and the removal of the site; water cooled iron tablets and fire-knife distance control between 125~135mm, the tip of the iron chip is more than the cutting part of the height of about 2mm, rub parts control in the excision area, Cut off the rift.

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